Affiliate of the British Ecological Society

The Irish Ecological Association was established in 2016 as a partner organisation to the British Ecological Society. It provides a forum for an international group of Irish-based ecologists and professionals interested in ecological science to meet, collaborate and solve ecological problems.

With a focus on Ireland, the work of the IEA also draws on global themes relevant to ecosystems around the world. It is run on an entirely voluntary basis with free membership.

Across the island of Ireland, the IEA aims to:

  1. Provide a platform for discussion and transfer of information amongst members on all aspects of ecological science
  2. Promote and facilitate engagement between ecologists and policymakers.
  3. Brief ecologists on public policy relevant to ecology
  4. Highlight relevant policy engagement opportunities for ecologists
  5. Advocate use of robust ecological evidence in ecological policy while remaining neutral in its political compass

“The IEA works in partnership with us to strengthen networks and opportunities for ecologists and evolutionary biologists in Ireland and the UK.” BES

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